Kirribilli Pressed Metal Panel


Panel Size:
– 617mm x 1834mm or 2ft x 6ft approx.

Pattern Repeat Size:
– 617mm x 617mm approx.

Product Description

The Kirribilli pattern is very lineal in design and is most commonly seen today under commercial awnings and grand ceilings of geometric design. A large pattern repeat composition, which emerged from the art deco era, the Kirribilli features six aligned & lightly concaved channels, cradled either side by pyramid inspired elevations. This pattern was created by Pressed Tin Panels® for a major an awning renovation of the Kirribilli Village Arcade in Broughton St,Kirribilli,NSW.
It is suitable for a wide range of installations and can be painted or powder coated in a myriad of colours. Suggested usage includes: ceilings, feature walls, kitchen splashbacks, bathroom tile alternatives, counter fronts and many more.

Panel Specifications:

  • The panels are made from a specialised, mill grade aluminium that is approximately 0.55mm thick.
  • All of our panels are treated with a non-chromate treatment which prepares the surface for subsequent priming and painting or powder coating.
  • Painting or powder coating is recommended as without it panels are porous and surface scratches may be present as a result of the manufacturing process.

Kirribilli 617mm x 617mm pattern repeat:



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