Fix wood discolouration with Cooper’s Grain Enhancer

Grain Enhancer is a special purpose product to help sort out wood discolouration problems, water marks or defects that are still apparent after the stripping process is done.

You can use it on problems such as:

  • Mould marks
  • Water marks
  • Rust spots
  • Staining and discolouring damage from chemical dipping baths.

Typical uses are:

  • Water marks in the timber surrounding aluminium windows
  • Woodwork that has been left for a long time unfinished which has lost colour or grown mould
  • Timber floors that have gone black from dampness.

Grain Enhancer is a powder that is mixed with boiling water and bathed onto the woodwork using Grit Embedded pads. Over about ten minutes the problems will hopefully disappear. In our experience it works like magic on some things and not so impressively on others. It is really a try and see.

Note: Timber that has been damaged by direct sunlight without protection, such as badly deteriorated window sills and front doors, may fur when treated with Grain Enhancer and other treatments. This is not no so much a failing of the product but more a consequence of damage by the sun on the wood protein which used to hold the fibres together. If furring does occur then the timber will need sanding when dry.

This product is acidic in nature and used with boiling water. We recommend you protect your hands with gloves


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