Protect your skin from absorbing solvents

Solvents used in paint stripping products are easily absorbed through the skin. In addition to wearing gloves, we recommend that you protect all exposed skin with Skin Guard to minimise the short and long term risks solvents could have on your body.

We have tried several brands of barrier cream and found Skin Guard to be one of the best. It’s a non-greasy, non-toxic hyper-resistant microfilm which protects against the damage caused by a wide variety of chemicals. In our experience we have found it tolerated very well by a wide range of people.

Use Skin Guard on any sized project. In addition to wearing gloves, apply to your hands, and any exposed skin every two to four hours.

Available in 2 sizes
50ml suits small hobbyist projects such as furniture projects, front doors etc.
250ml suits home joinery restoration projects, boats etc.


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