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Window Hardware

No matter what type of window you are restoring, we have the renovator’s hardware to give it the look you want. We feature fine antique reproduction hardware for many types of windows: sash and pulley windows, casement or crank operated, screen and storm windows, as well as shutters and other related hardware. If you have any questions about why type of window you have or what you need to renovate it, feel free to call our product experts.

Sash Hardware

Fittings For Every Window – If you have an older home chances are you have some sash windows either single or double hung. For those up and down sliding windows we carry all the necessary parts to restore them to their former glory. Browse our selection of sash locks and lifts from the most basic and functional to the elaborate and decorative reproductions available in many classic finishes.

  • Sash Locks: If your windows slide along rails or on a pulley, chances are they have a sash lock. Browse our diverse selection of finishes and styles.
  • Sash Lifts: Sash lifts are screwed into the lower left and right corners of windows to provide a flat or curved finger hold for lifting the window. Our sash lifts come complete with matching screws and come in hooked, flat, handle and flush (inset) styles. Select from a wide range of styles and finishes, in each of the following configurations:
  • Sash Pulleys: Durable pulleys to renovate your sash windows with.
  • Sash Chain & Cord: Strong cord or chain for your sash window renovation needs.
  • Sash Stops: These devices are designed to stop your sash windows from opening too far.
  • Sash Weights: In a variety of sizes & weights to match your needs.

Casement Hardware

We have a complete selection of replacement and decorative hardware for casement windows. These windows are hinged and open in or out like a door. We feature solid brass hinges, latches and stays in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your restoration needs.

  • Casement Window Latches – Our latches come in several sizes and classic finishes.
  • Casement Hinges – Steeple tipped and parliament hinges available in classic finishes.
  • Casement Stays – Also called adjusters, these will keep your window open against the forces of wind and gravity. Sturdy construction and multiple positions.

Shutter Hardware

  • Shutter Hardware: We feature decorative hardware for a variety of modern and vintage style shutters, and are always happy to answer questions.
  • Surface Mounting Hinges: Surface mount or “Clark’s Tip” hinges, they can be mounted directly to window trim.
  • Mortice Mounting Hinges: Also called tenon hinges. They mount in a shallow groove or tenon in the trim.
  • Shutter Strap Hinges: Reversible, durable spear-shaped hinges in 4 sizes.
  • Shutter Fasteners: Shutter fasteners for both mortise and Clark’s Tip hinged shutters.
  • Post & Lag Mount Tie Backs: Our shutter dogs are hand-selected for quality and authenticity. Built from solid cast iron, they will set off your shutters with class and style.

Screen & Storm

  • Screen & Storm Tacks – Solid brass numbered tacks for storm/screen/shutter placement.

Looking for some suggestions? We offer a wide range of hardware for every room in the house. Add new hardware for your shutters with exterior shutter hardware like our shutter dogs or dress up an interior window with a classic window sash lock. Hang pictures in style with authentic style Victorian picture rail hangers and old-fashioned picture hooks. Outfit your desk, furniture & cabinets with some new glass cabinet hardware, including: glass drawer knobs, metal label holders, bin pulls, glass cabinet knobs & pulls. Finish the project with high quality brass furniture locks, drawer labels, cabinet hardware hinges, or a cabinet catch.

Transom Hardware

Transom windows are the small hinged windows found near the ceiling above doors or other windows. We feature solid brass hinges, latches and transom operators so you can restore your vintage windows with the durability of solid brass.

  • Transom Latches – Our transom window latches are available in solid brass and are built to last.
  • Transom Rods – Our sturdy, solid brass transom window rods are the perfect replacement for vintage transom windows.
  • Transom Hinges – Restore your vintage transom window or build a new one with our durable, attractive transom window hinges.
  • Transom Chain – Keep your transom window opened to just the right degree with our brass plated transom window chain.

Dress up any door in the house with a new mortice lockset, crystal knob door set, or pocket door handle – we have decorative hardware for every door you’ve got. Finishing touches include a surface bolt, push plate, mail slots for doors, a skeleton key lock, or a pair of brass hinges. An easy interior project can quickly beautify a room by replacing a push button switch, wall plate, outlet plate (or wall register), and throw in a vintage style Edison bulb. It’s our goal to provide only the best restorers hardware for our customers.