Talenti Marble Tables

The great Roman emperor, Caesar, was not the only one who celebrated the value & prestige of marble. The Talenti table is made of stone. The noblest material becomes a creation when combined with precious inlays. Travertine, hand-made terracotta, steel, glass, copper & brass are the details that tell the story of mankind.

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  • Table: Bramante 200 x 100cm with wings
  • Code: ME/702-W
  • Base: Newvulcania base 180 x 80cm in Graphite colour
  • Code: CL-VB01-G
  • Original Price: $9,590
  • Sale Price: $4,700
  • Table: Alfedena; Diam 135cm
  • Code: RI/902
  • Base: Newvulcania base 120cm in Rust colour
  • Code: CL-VB21-R
  • Original Price: $10,125
  • Sale Price: $5,000
  • Table: Lerici 120 x 120cm
  • Code: SA/2100-4
  • Base: Newvulcania base 100x100cm in Graphite colour
  • Code: CL-VB31-G
  • Original Price: $7,650
  • Sale Price: $3,800
  • Table: Cortenuova 200x100cm with wings
  • Code: CP/102-W
  • Price:$5,725
  • Base: Newrondelle base 180x80cm in Graphite colour
  • Code: CL-RB01-G
  • Price: $2,241

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