Cabinet Hardware

All you need is the wood; we can provide everything else you need to transform antique or modern kitchen cabinets, dressers and bureaus to just the vintage look you’re after. We cover all the most popular decorative cabinet hardware styles of the last 200 years, from Victorian to Arts & Crafts to the early American styles like Colonialism and Federalism. From caster to hinge and everything in between, we have the variety of finishes and styles that will let you finish your project properly.

Cabinet Knobs, Pulls & Handles

Cabinet Knobs, Handles & Pulls: Browse our vast selection of knobs and glass drawer pulls for cabinets; each set comes with the required screws.

  • Glass Knobs & Handles: Our glass cabinet knobs are available in clear, cobalt blue, ruby red, white, black, depression green, forest green, amber, depression pink, translucent white, milk blue, milk green (jade), peacock blue, and purple colours.
  • Brass Knobs & Handles: A wide selection of brass cabinet knobs in several finishes, including nickel and pewter.
  • Cast Iron Knobs & Handles: Old-fashioned and sturdy, these solid cast iron knobs are perfect for Arts & Crafts or Craftsman style furniture
  • Wood Knobs & Handles: Solid Oak wood knobs are the perfect compliment to a restored bureau or dresser – ready to stain to just the perfect finish.
  • Porcelain Knobs: These stylish knobs hearken back to the days of porcelain kitchens, and come in a variety of classic colours.
  • Bail Pulls: These pulls are perfect for desk drawers, and come in a great variety of styles and finishes.
  • Single & Double Post: These pulls come with a centred screw post or two on the sides; great for any type of drawer that slides open.
  • Bin Pulls: These solid looking pulls are a great way to show off a vintage design, and come in a variety of classic finishes.
  • Drop pulls: You just don’t see these much anymore – make a statement with these ornate and durable drawer pulls.
  • Ring Pulls: Rarely seen nowadays, these ring pulls make a great addition to any desk or drawer, adding class and style.
  • Label Holders: Form and function combine. Now you can label your drawers and make set them off with a classic look.
  • Replacement Parts: Replacement bolts, posts & sleeves for furniture restoration projects.

Cabinet & Furniture Hinges

We have a huge selection of hinges for kitchen cabinets & furniture that mount in a variety of ways. From svelte and hidden to large, decorative hinges, we have it all.

  • Flush Cabinet Hinges – These classic hinges are designed to mount their wings to the inside surfaces of each piece, concealing the wings and exposing the knuckle of the hinge. We feature a variety of beautiful finishes and vintage styles.
  • Butt Cabinet Hinges – Beautiful, traditional butt cabinet hinges for your cabinets or furniture. We feature ball and steeple tipped designs, and five classic finishes.
  • Offset Cabinet Hinges – Offset hinges have the knuckle of the hinge placed closer to the mounting side of the hinge, and are designed to give more support to cabinet doors. Our selections of offset cabinet hinges feature four finishes and are solid brass.
  • Half Mortice Cabinet Hinges – These hinges are designed with one mortise leaf and one surface leaf. They are fully reversible, come with loose hinge pins, and are available in five finishes.
  • Non- Mortice Cabinet Hinges – These clever hinges are designed to close completely, fitting together like a puzzle. This means there is no ‘throw’, or room between abutting pieces.
  • Barrel Cabinet Hinges – These distinctive hinges are an excellent way to add stability to cabinet doors that need two hinges. They are attached with a thin matching bar.
  • Other Cabinet Hinges – Large and impressive, these solid brass hinges measure up to 11″ wide! The hinges are spear shaped and are available in polished brass.

Cabinet & Furniture Latches

We have hundreds of latches to choose from, from the simply functional to the simply beautiful. Each set comes complete with matching screws, and is sold as pictured unless otherwise noted.

  • Turn Style Cabinet Latches – These beautiful latches operate with a round knob or ‘T’ style handle that turns to draw back a bolt. We feature all the classic finishes in our solid brass and cast iron latches, with styles ranging from simple functionality to the simply elegant.
  • Slide Style Cabinet Latches – These solid brass latches operate with a sliding bolt, and are among the most decorative features on vintage furniture. Available in styles ranging from the elegantly simple to the intricate delicacy of Victorian England, you’ll find the right match to restore your furniture.
  • Hoosier Cabinet Latches – Add a classic vintage look to your cabinet doors with our selection of Hoosier latches. Available in a variety of styles, finishes, and mounting options.

Locks, Keys & Covers

Everything a dresser, bureau or cabinet needs to restore vintage security and beauty.

  • Cabinet Locks – Renovate your dresser, wardrobe or desk with these well-built cabinet locks. Available in mortise and non-mortise styles, and complete with brass skeleton keys for a complete vintage restoration.
  • Skeleton Keys – Browse our selection of solid brass and antique brass skeleton keys, the perfect replacement for vintage locks.
  • Keyhole Covers – Our solid brass keyhole covers are the perfect accent for your vintage furniture. Ranging from slim to Victorian ornate styles, you will find the perfect touch for your renovation project.

Ice Box Hardware

Icebox latches, hinges and manufacturers plates for a complete authentic look. Kits come with matching screws.

  • Ice Box Latches – Beautiful reproductions of the original hardware, these ornate latches are at home in a vintage setting.
  • Ice Box Hinges – Vintage reproduction icebox hinges in solid brass. True to the originals, these offset hinges will accent your icebox perfectly.
  • Ice Box Accessories – Icebox manufacturers’ plates, bottle openers and more for a complete authentic look. The perfect hardware accents for your ice box renovation project.

Casters & Toe Caps

Accent the foot of any piece of vintage or restored furniture with these quality parts.

  • Casters: Put your cabinet on wheels with these quality, durable casters.
  • Toe Caps: The “feet” for a cabinet, available in multiple sizes and styles.

Dress up any door in the house with a new mortice lockset, crystal knob door set, or bed pocket door handle – we have decorative hardware for every door you’ve got. Finishing touches include a surface bolt, push plate, mail slots for doors, a skeleton key lock, or a pair of brass hinges. An easy interior project can quickly beautify a room by replacing a push button switch, wall plate, outlet plate (or wall register), and throw in a vintage style Edison bulb. It’s our goal to provide only the best restorers hardware for our customers.

Bed & Mirror Accessories

Replacement parts for poster beds and mounting hardware for mirrors.

  • Bed Bolts – Find the accessories and parts for your metal framed beds. We have bolts, wrenches, covers and rail bracket sets for vintage metal beds.
  • Bed Finials – No vintage metal bed would be complete without a sturdy brass finial. We Feature ball shaped and steeple-tipped finials, as well as a replacement washer.
  • Mirror Mounting Accessories – Solid brass and plated steel hinges for attaching mirrors to a wall. Our friction hinges are available in brass and oil-rubbed bronze.

Looking for some suggestions? We offer a wide range of hardware for every room in the house. Add new hardware for your shutters with exterior shutter hardware like our shutter dogs or dress up an interior window with a classic window sash lock. Hang pictures in style with authentic style Victorian picture rail hangers and old-fashioned picture hooks. Outfit your desk, furniture & cabinets with some new glass cabinet hardware, including: glass drawer knobs, metal label holders, bin pulls, glass cabinet knobs & pulls. Finish the project with high quality brass furniture locks, drawer labels, cabinet hardware hinges, or a cabinet catch.

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