Recycled Timber

For 40 years Heritage Building Centre has been manufacturing a variety of products from recycled hardwoods. These include windows, doors, flooring, bench tops, cladding, decking, stairs and many more. As an established leader in hardwood processing we are committed to supporting environmentally responsible building options. With our recycled products you can be assured that you are not contributing to the destruction of our natural ecology.

We search Australia, salvaging timber from demolitions of large buildings such as old wool sheds, warehouses, bridges & wharves. These sites provide a range of hardwood species & sizes that are fully seasoned, sometimes up to 100 years old. As the timber has been allowed to season gradually over a long period of time it is very stable & it develops many unique & beautiful characteristics. The salvaged timber is to either transported to our Rockdale premises or Kempsey mill where we carefully de-metal & grade it. All graded timber is stored in weatherproof premises until needed to ensure its continued stability. De-metalled material is not machined until we receive your order as this gives us the greatest flexibility to satisfy your specific requirements.

At the Heritage Building Centre all timber is supplied species specific. Because we sort & store by species you can be confident that when you select from our display we can & will be able to replicate your choice. This also allows us much greater ability to meet your needs & wishes. With the Heritage Building Centre there’s no such thing as having to sit back wondering just what you are going to get & whether you will be happy with it or not. Most of our competitors can only offer bends i.e. cream, red or brown. Blends vary from day to day, week to week dependent of stock available that’s why they are blends. There is no possibility that anyone can guarantee or be confident that a display or sample will be replicated using the blending process.

Why Recycled Timber?

Recycled timber provides

  • Unrivalled character & beauty
  • Outstanding quality with minimal shrinkage & movement compared with new timber
  • Environmentally friendly product that contributes to saving old growth forests
  • Wide boards & long lengths available
  • Accurate dimensions – square & straight
  • Very high strength ratings
  • Variety of surface finishes
  • Recycled timber offers individuality & exclusivity

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