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We also reclaim as well as manufacture from recycled timber skirting boards, architraves, fascia boards etc to match your every requirement.


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Technical Information

Our team of milling specialists combine engineering expertise with practical building & cabinet making experience allow us to provide the best possible advise to our clients. We suggest that contact us at the design stage so be can assist to achieve the best possible result.

Appearance can vary according to the previous life of the timber & its condition before processing. Appearance can range from an aged condition with surface checking, bolt, nail & borer holes through to a clean, fresh as new look. We are able to vary the surface finish to meet most expectations including grey, wire brushed, sawn & dressed.

Moisture content is a critical property of seasoned timber. We can usually provide timber with an average moisture content of + – 1% to ensure minimal movement. Our solar kilns are available to achieve small adjustments to moisture content. Moisture contents of less than 10% are difficult to achieve as it’s less than the east coast equilibrium.

We are able to supply strength ratings from F14 through to F34 or higher. We can provide advice about the best species to use to obtain your required strength & stiffness.

For internal use durability ratings are of little relevance except in the case of termite attack. Externally a variety of class 1 & 2 materials are available.

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