Domino Door Hardware

Whether you are restoring a solid wood heritage style door or looking to transform your modern door to a beautiful reproduction of the past, you’ll find everything you need right here. Have a door that makes a statement with our authentic reproductions of classic antique hardware – from classic accents like hinges to old door locks.

Door Set Hardware

We have hand picked our selection of classic door sets and locksets for quality and value. Here you can find the match for the look you’re going for, whether it is Victorian, Craftsman, Colonial, Modern and more. We feature sets for grand entry doors, pocket doors, screen doors… just about every type of door you could have.

  • Conversion Door Sets (for modern doors) – Designed for doors created after the 1930’s, our wide selection of door sets will fit doors with the standard 2 3/8″ wide drilled hole. We fit the standard 1 3/8″ door width, and can help you if your door needs something special.
  • Mortice Lock Sets (for vintage doors) – Our mortise door sets feature many of the same classic styles and finishes as our conversion door sets, but are designed for the mostly pre-1930’s vintage doors that are thinner. These locksets are designed to fit in a cutout, or mortise, in the door.
  • Entry Door Lock Sets – Few items have the ability to impact your home’s visitors like the door set on your front door – Select from a range of classic, beautiful entry door sets in vintage styles.
  • Entry Door Handles – Our door handles are solid brass and perfect classic accents for any door that doesn’t need to lock or latch, but needs to shine.
  • Rim Lock Door Sets – These handsome solid brass rim locks will truly make your vintage doors shine. These solid brass locksets mount to the inside edge of a door, showing off the beauty of the entire piece.
  • Pocket Door Hardware – Restore your vintage pocket doors with our reproduction brass locksets, door pulls and edge pulls.
  • Screen Door Hardware – Find replacement or decorative hardware for your screen doors here. Our hinges come in a variety of styles and finishes to choose from.
  • Rim Latch Door Sets – Solid cast iron construction and old world charm. Perfect for gates and low security applications, these authentic reproductions feature a simple thumb-operated latch and a classic look.

Door Hinges

Our selection of door hinges is terrific in selection, quality and value. Most doors will need a butt door hinge, but we also feature a variety of specialty hinges for other types of doors.

  • Ball& Steeple Tipped Butt Door Hinges – Also called butt hinges, they feature a loose pin with a ball or steeple tip on top and bottom.
  • Strap Door Hinges – 9″ to 20.5″ long spear shaped hinges, suitable for heavy doors.
  • Half Mortice Door Hinges – Ball-tipped hinges that unscrew to change handedness.
  • Spring Loaded Hinges – Our surface mounted spring hinges are heavy duty and of the finest quality. We offer adjustable spring tension, decorative styles and different finishes so you’ll find just what you need to give your screen door a vintage look. Perfect for saloon and other swinging doors.
  • Screen Door Hinges – Available in heavy duty and adjustable spring varieties.
  • Parliament Door Hinges – Solid brass and reversible.

Door Accessories

We have everything you need to transform your antique or modern door into the perfect vintage portal to make your home shine. We feature solid brass accents in polished brass, antique brass, polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, antique pewter, oil rubbed bronze and matte black so you can find something to match the rest of your hardware.

  • Door Bells – Select from a range of classic styles, from simple shining brass to ornate filigreed decorations. We feature both turn-style doorbells and more modern electrically wired push button buzzers.
  • Door Bolts – We feature a range of brass and cast iron sliding door bolts, in a large variety of sizes and styles. Add extra security to your door with these non-locking bolts.
  • Mail Slots – Make a dramatic difference for your door by setting it off with one of our many mail slots – available in brass, steel and several finishes and styles.
  • Door Knockers – Allow your door and your visitors to make their presence felt at the same time with one of our beautiful doorknockers – built from solid brass and available in several finishes, they range from simple to large and ornate.
  • Door Stops – Leave no detail untouched with our solid and attractive brass and wood doorstops.
  • Door Signs – Classic ways to inform your visitors, our signs are solid brass and come in a variety of verbiage.

Looking for some suggestions? We offer a wide range of hardware for every room in the house. Add new hardware for your shutters with exterior shutter hardware like our shutter dogs or dress up an interior window with a classic window sash lock. Hang pictures in style with authentic style Victorian picture rail hangers and old-fashioned picture hooks. Outfit your desk, furniture & cabinets with some new glass cabinet hardware, including: glass drawer knobs, metal label holders, bin pulls, glass cabinet knobs & pulls. Finish the project with high quality brass furniture locks, drawer labels, cabinet hardware hinges, or a cabinet catch.

Dress up any door in the house with a new mortice lockset, crystal knob door set, or pocket door handle – we have decorative hardware for every door you’ve got. Finishing touches include a surface bolt, push plate, mail slots for doors, a skeleton key lock, or a pair of brass hinges. An easy interior project can quickly beautify a room by replacing a push button switch, wall plate, outlet plate (or wall register), and throw in a vintage style Edison bulb. It’s our goal to provide only the best restorers hardware for our customers.

Door Set Parts

Find the last few parts and accessories that you need to complete your door renovation project. Hand-picked for quality and durability, you can find finishing touches to the classic look you’re going for.

  • Door Knobs: Glass, crystal, or brass doorknobs – we have them all. Build your own custom door set! Simply choose a knob, a doorplate or rosette and you’re set. As always, feel free to call us with any questions.
  • Back Plates & Rosettes: We have a wide variety of mix and match doorplates in simple or ornate styles, and a variety of stylish and understated rosettes. Pick exactly the door set you want by buying the pieces separately.
  • Locks & Latches: Restore your vintage or modern door with these reproduction door locks & latches. Here you can find replacement tubular latches, mortise locksets, strike plates, and rim lock keepers, all designed to match the original hardware.
  • Strikers & Keepers: Our replacement door strikes and keepers are the perfect quality parts to keep your vintage or modern door sets functional and attractive.
  • Keyhole Covers: No keyhole cover would be complete without a key cover plate. Find just the right one for your application.
  • Skeleton Keys: We have replacement skeleton keys in a variety of styles, all in solid brass.
  • Thumb Turns: Thumb turns are a small handle that operates a latch or lock.
  • Spindles: We have a variety of spindles in our collection to fit your restoration project. Use them to repair your antique door set, or as spare parts.
  • Setscrews & Washers: Find the spare parts you need to complete your restoration project. Featuring dummy spindles and setscrews.

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