Cast Iron Products

Looking for that something Unique, Special or Different?

Wander amongst our expansive selection of exotic & beautiful French & Italian style gates, entranceways & Venetian balustrade imported from around the world.

With over 40 years of accumulated stock the Heritage Building Centre offers without question the finest & largest selection of original Australian cast & wrought iron metal work. If your trying to match that missing bit or replicate an existing theme we are your resource & at your disposal.

Fear not if it’s not in stock our foundry &/or craftsmen can recreated virtually any heritage item to the ORIGINAL design & concept using our massive range of heritage patterns & old school knowhow.

Post Caps

Our range of reproduction post caps is available in a style that will complete your fencing project. Victorian, Edwardian & contemporary designs are available in a range of sizes to suit most applications.

Window Columns

For that authentic restoration replacing the window columns often found on Victorian era house should be a consideration. Choose either an original cast iron set or from our range of cast aluminium columns manufactured using the original cast iron patterns from the Victorian era, the detail & craftsmanship will impress. Available unpainted or finished to your specifications.

Brick Vents

The small details are the difference between an average restoration & a great one. In most instances we are able to match the traditional range all in low maintenance aluminium. Should we have missed one we have the facility to be able to recreate from an existing one economically & exactly.

Rooftop Finials

Many homes, churches, commercial buildings & rotundas featured rooftop finials in the past. Replicating this traditional look on your project is easy with our original styles. Made from low maintenance sand cast aluminium, these can be supplied unpainted or painted.

Rain Heads

Used during the Victorian era on both residential & commercial buildings, the rain head provides a detail often overlooked. Available in two sizes & made from rust free aluminium these authentic castings are a subtle addition to any restoration.


Choose from our extensive range of cast aluminium recreations or one of our originals rescued from a demolition site. Ideal for residential & commercial applications including parks, shopping centres & streetscapes.

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