Why Buy A Ceiling Fan From Heritage Building Centre?

LOOK: Look at a Hunter or Atlas, and you will see the quality in the fit, finish and materials.

LISTEN: Listen to a Hunter or Atlas fan, and you will hear the quality in its whisper-quiet operation.

FEEL: Relax under a Hunter or Atlas fan, and you will feel the quality in the power and consistency of the air movement.

REST ASSURED: Purchase a Hunter or Atlas fan, and rest assured that you are bringing home the finest fan available, backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty.

The Heritage Building Centre proudly represents the Hunter and Atlas Fans in NSW.

Since 1886, the Hunter Fan Company has provided the craftsmanship and performance insisted on by people who understand quality.
Hunter products are quiet, beautiful and built to last a lifetime.

Long before there was air-conditioning, or even widespread use of electricity, people around the world counted on Hunter ceiling fans for cool comfort.

The father and son team of John and James Hunter created their first ceiling fan in 1886; a water-powered, belt-driven device. A short time later, Hunter introduced an electrically powered ceiling fan. It was one of the first products ever to run on electricity.

Today, Hunter combines this heritage of 19th century craftsman- ship with the 21st century technology to create ceiling fans that are unmatched for quality, style, quiet performance and energy  efficiency.

And more than 120 years after the invention of the very first Hunter ceiling fan, the name and its products are still a comfort to millions.

Since 1992 the Atlas Fan Company has combined ventilation solutions with contemporary design. The result is a range of oscillating and rotational fans that circulate heat and air-conditioning more efficiently than traditional paddle fans, and reinterpret the way we look at air movement. Constructed of cast aluminium and heavy stamped steel, Atlas fans carry a lifetime warranty.

Both brands make more than just ceiling fans, they make pieces of furniture that will enhance the decor of any room they are in.


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